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The Medium of


For thousands of years, prior to the arrival of Christ, the medium that had carried God’s message of freedom had primarily been shaped by feasts and festivals, professional clergy, a place known as the Temple, and a myriad of religious rituals and routines. But with the arrival of Jesus, the family of God, known as “the church,” became the medium. Those who believed and followed Christ were made children of God, spiritual siblings to each other, and ambassadors for the family.
As a family, they were free to meet anytime and anywhere, so that as the homes and third spaces in which they gathered filled up - a result of each person intentionally and joyfully sharing what they knew of the freedom of  Christ with those around them - new church families were forming all the time.
At Hub we envision a church in which, no matter who you are, you’re invited to belong among a community of people, who are honestly, humbly, (and imperfectly) learning to trust and rest in Jesus for every area of life. In other words, we envision a church in which everyday people don't church go to church, but live as the church - as an expression of Jesus' family for the purpose of sharing His freedom with any and all!

For us that begins by connecting to a Missional Family Meeting.

We invite you to stop going to church and come be the church with us!

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