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A Message of


Rewind 2,000 years to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and history will show that a shift occurred in the message the early church was speaking in comparison to the message those around them had heard in the name of religion. Theirs was a message, not about a new religion Jesus had ushered in, but about God having gone out of the religious business all together, and solved all the world’s problems without any of our moral or religious endeavors. In Christ, God had poured out His love on sinners of the world, scandalously swallowed up our debt, and risen from the grave with the glorious declaration that we’re now free to acknowledge our brokenness, drop our mildewed performances, be nothing in ourselves, and simply rest in Jesus’ finished work on our behalf.
This message was and still is a complete shift from everything ever heard in the name of “religion,” “spirituality” or even “progress” -
a message we wouldn’t think up if we could and couldn’t think up if we would, because it isn’t about us.

It isn’t about doing anything to go faster, be better, get along, or “win at life.” Quite the opposite. It’s about Jesus and all that He’s done to give us life, by losing His. It’s a message of true freedom and like spokes on the “hub” of a wheel, out of it springs beautiful things like honesty, hospitality, participation and transformation.

At Hub Church we are committed to sharing this life-changing message of freedom in Christ, because as Jesus Himself said, “if the son sets you free, you shall be free indeed!” (John 8:36)

We invite you to join us, as we simply learn to trust and rest in Christ for every area of life together!




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