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In 2013, a group of families and young professionals prayerfully relocated together to one of Boston's most historic, influential and rapidly-growing neighborhoods - South Boston. The historic and strategic nature of the neighborhood, strong sense of community there, and a desire to see the good news of Jesus come alive in "Southie", helped drive the group to call Southie "home." 
For the duration of 2013 & 2014, this small group looked to know, serve, and love neighbors by simply "being the church," rather than just "attending" it. The conviction was and continues to be that the freedom & family Jesus makes available to all, is best enjoyed when first lived and shared.

By 2015 the group had grown and multiplied into smaller expressions of the church, we now call Missional Families - communities that "exist to share the Freedom & Family of Christ together."
In Mid-September 2015, Hub Church launched it's first, official Sunday Gathering with the commissioning of two Missional Families.

Since then, Hub has continued to grow in different ways, as its folks look to be a blessing to those in this great neighborhood and city. Whether it's partnering with local schools and organizations; hosting fun, free community events, sacrificially giving to those in-need; or simply inviting neighbors into spaces in which they're loved, valued and welcomed in light of how lavishly God, in Christ, has loved us; Hub Church is Here for Good - here for the good of the neighborhood, city and here for the long-haul! Our joy would be to get to know you and help you get to know our amazing God! So we invite you to join us!
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